Best Neighborhoods to Raise a Family in Philadelphia 2018

Dated: 11/13/2018

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Your want to live in the city and raise your family is possible in Philadelphia. There is a lot of family friendly areas and activities for children and family to go to! These are the top neighborhoods that give you the space for a family in the city!

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  1. Chestnut Hill

If your looking a neighborhood to live in that has the lowest crime rate and highest median per capita, look no further Chestnut really is the place for you! This area features family friendly living in a small town setting located in the city. It offers numerous family fun activities as well as a nightlife for when it’s date night!

Chestnut Hill has beautiful parks and museums, theaters to visit. There are a lot of festivals that happen around the town, that give you a sense of community too! This area is not far or hard to from Center City!

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  1. Roxborough/Manayunk

If you are looking for an area that has many parks, dog friendly and outside activities to enjoy, Roxborough/Manayunk is the area for you! Two seperate area but we put them together because they are next to each other. Although Manayunk may feel like a young, college town, only about 30% of its residents don’t have children.

This area is great for those who enjoy a small town feel, moderately cheaper cost of living (compared to Chestnut Hill), nature and great restaurants and bars. Not to mention, Center City is a quick train ride or bus ride in from each area!

  1. Fairmount

If you are looking for a diverse and beautiful area, Fairmount is right for you and your family! This neighborhood is along the end Of Kelly Drive where is the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art is! Perfect for taking the family to the various museums and exhibits, festivals and events on the Ben Franklin Parkway!

This area is a higher income area, that is easily accessible to most of the city! If you are looking to go out in the evening or day, it is not impossible with all of the options of restaurants and bars Fairmount has to offer! If you are looking for stress-free living in this city, this is the area for you!

  1. Graduate Hospital

Graduate Hospital has a great city feel to it, that you would not want to live here! Being a mile from City Hall and a few miles to the Sports Complex, this area offers a dynamic transportation system for you and your family to enjoy all of what Philadelphia has to offer!

This area really gives you the downtown feeling with the neighborhood charm! Graduate Hospital offers lots of bar and restaurant choices, as some of the best places to go in the city, are located here! This area also offer the local YMCA and other businesses for your family to enjoy!

  1. Passyunk Square

If you want to the feeling of home and Italian food, this area is a great place to settle with you family. Not only does it feel old school but it has a modern take with new indie boutiques, shops, bars and restaurants. This area gives you the feel of the city in its little square offering many resources right outside your door. It is great when dealing with family and daily chores of going to the store or going out!

It’s easily accessible to the Sports Complex, Center City and other areas of the city! If you are looking for a quaint community in the city, this is the place for you and your family. This area is one of a kind in Philadelphia and is a must to visit regardless.

  1. Society Hill

This is the area for you to settle in with your family, if you are lovers history and the city! This area in the heart of all the history that the city has to offer. But let’s not forget what else it has to offer; Washington Square Park, a comfortable combination of historical attractions, bars and restaurants and shops. This makes Society Hill have high society with a down to earth feeling.

This area is also very easily accessible to get to and to visit what else Philadelphia has to offer. Society Hill has a lot of family friendly events and activities going on in and around, so be sure to check them out when you visit!

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