Best Neighborhoods in Philadelphia For Young Professionals & Millenials to Live 2018

Dated: 10/24/2018

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Affordable housing, Super Bowl Champions, great restaurant scene and an up coming area, amazing history and architecture are just some of the features Philadelphia has to offer its’ residents and future residents. Philadelphia is on the rise to be considering a pro prospect for Millenials and young professionals to settle down in.

Philadelphia is huge though, how can one decide where they would like to move to, if there are so many neighborhoods to choose from. We are breaking down the top neighborhoods we think, that are great if you’re young, need affordable city living and want to be close to everything else!

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  1. Manayunk

Do you enjoy a small town feel but love having city vibes? Manayunk might be the place for you. With its beautiful scenery, nightlife, and housing affordability; Manayunk is easily one of the nicest areas you can have the best of both worlds! Not only are you a close distance to the Wissahickon trail, you also have Kelly Drive for more outdoor activities. You are also able to get into Center City with a short train or bus ride! With so many big colleges surrounding the area, students likely become permanent residents after college, making Manayunk nightlife to be alive and fun! Let’s not forget the parks the area has to offer, kid and dog friendly!

This welcoming town has a lot to offer young professionals in regards to social activities, nature and culture. If you’re looking to rent there are a lot of properties for rent as well as lots of new apartments being built. Purchasing the property of your dreams here is not hard to do either!

manayunk philadelphia

  1. Fishtown

Yes, I said Fishtown. The name is well different but the neighborhood is different too, so it goes together quite well. This is a beautiful area if you’re looking for a hint of Hipster and Brooklyn-esque fun. This up and coming area features lots of cute boutiques, restaurants, bars and antique and thrift stores. This area is a quick subway ride to Center City, making it easily accessible to most areas of the city! If you are looking for cool, urban living, Fishtown is your place to live! Old factories being transformed into lofts and cute upgraded row homes can make anyone want to live here!

fishtown philadelphia

  1. Old City

If you want to live in an area where the history of our great city still runs strong, Old City might be for you! The Liberty Bell and other historical attractions live here, also let’s not forget about some of the cobblestone roads too! Not only does this area have a great historic and old-world charm, it is blocks from other major areas and has a great nightlife itself. There are lots of great restaurants and bars to choose from here, you won’t need to have the same meal twice!

With the great nightlife, there are also great day time activities to do too. With Independence National Historical park and Franklin Square and other little parks, theatres and shops this area has a great cultural feel.

  1. Brewerytown

This is the best place to settle down in after college or when you decide to live with your friends! The median age for this area is about 26. There are a lot of places to rent and buy too. Being nestled between Fairmount and Kelly Drive, this area is perfect for the young person. It is easily accessible to other areas of town and very close the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art, and the Ben Franklin Parkway!

This area features, you guessed it lots of breweries popping up and a great nightlife. Tons of restaurants to choose from and at a fair price! If you are looking for affordable city living, this area is your go to!

  1. Queen Village

This area in South Philly, is a great for residents that want to live in South Philly and have the rest of the city easily accessible to them. WIth many places to go, you will not have a problem finding nightlife here. This neighborhood gives perfect scenery, making it a great area to walk around in. Passyunk Ave. is close and full of some of the perfect shops and restaurants for you to choose from while on your Saturday stroll!

This urban neighborhood is the perfect place for you and your significant other or you and your friends to settle down in if you want to live in the city!

queen village philadelphia

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